Working Groups

How to Join one of our Working Groups!

To join a Working Group (WG) you need to fit one of the following criteria:

  • Belong to any institution of a COST Member country that is part of COST Action CA17111
  • Any MC Observer from Partner Members, from Approved Institutions of non-COST Countries, and Specific Organisations.

To check which Countries/Institutions belong to COST Action CA17111 please see here.

Every Management Committee (MC) Member of the COST Action CA17111 should actively participate in at least one WG.

To join you must firstly create a COST account if you don’t already have one (, then once you have a COST account please apply to join one or more Working Groups through this link

Working Group Meetings

Working Groups

Working Group 1

Data interoperability and definition of minimal contextual data standards

This Working Group will focus on contributing to community-wide standards for metadata along with guidelines for their proper use.

WG1 Leader: Reinhard TOEPFER

WG1 Vice-Leader: Camille Rustenholz

Prof Reinhard TOEPFER
Julius Kühn-Institute
Institute for Grapevine Breeding

Working Group 2

Interoperability of infrastructures and web services

In this Working group we will develop a bioinformatics infrastructure to facilitate the discovery, acquisition, storage, processing and integration of diverse grapevine datasets, and this will be managed by distinct nodes.

WG2 Leader: Paul KERSEY

WG2 Vice-Leader: Daniela Holtgräwe


Royal Botanic Gardens
United Kingdom

Working Group 3

Data analysis and best practices

Guidelines for best practice focusing on the promotion of standard protocols for omics data processing and analysis will be developed and recommended. These guidelines will help researchers to produce high-quality data and carry out informative analysis in the context of a standard framework, which will further contribute to data integration. Additionally, we will build a centralised framework for the standard annotation of grapevine genes. Such a framework will facilitate the integration of different omics data types by relying on standard formats and ontologies.

WG3 Leader: Johan TRYGG

WG3 Vice-Leader: Jerome Grimplet


Johan Trygg
Prof Johan TRYGG
Computational Life Science
Cluster (CLiC)
Department of Chemistry
Umeå University
Linneaus vag 10

Working Group 4

Dissemination and user community assessment of guidelines and recommendations

A focus of this Working Group will be training and dissemination of the work done by the other WG possibly in joint activities with dissemination and training activities of other large agnostic initiatives. We will disseminate the recommendations made by other working Groups and train the grapevine community to follow these recommendations.

WG4 Leader: Dragan NIKOLIC

WG4 Vice-Leader: Panagiotis Kalaitzis



Dragan Nikolić
Prof Dragan NIKOLIĆ
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Agriculture
Nemanjina 6