DAP&CAT Working Group Meeting: Writing DAP-seq guidelines, Release of the Gene Reference Catalogue V2.0 & New INTEGRAPE Web Design
27 - 31 July 2021
Valencia, Spain

Working group meeting Valencia-min

Organized by Tomás Matus, held at the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) in Valencia.

This meeting aimed to satisfy two different goals. The first goal was to generate guidelines for DAP-Seq experiments in grapevine. The second goal was to work on the release of the second version of the Grape Gene Reference Catalogue, together with the manual curation of the added genes using Apollo.  Dr. Carol Huang from New York University and Camille Rustenholz from INRAE Colmar joined us in the plenary sessions and gave a talk on their research.

We generated a first group of “DAP-Seq experts”, who worked on the draft of the DAP-Seq guidelines.

The Grape Gene Reference Catalogue was introduced to the assistants, showing the importance of having a properly annotated catalogue and the powerful applications that it has. In second place, the new PN42004 and the WebApollo were presented to the assistants by Camille Rustenholz and David Navarro, in order to introduce the assistants to the manual curation of the new assembly, following the guidelines generated in the Genome Annotation Working Group Meeting at INRAE Colmar. The second version of the Grape Gene Reference Catalogue is already available here, and the DAP-Seq guidelines will be soon available.


1) Draft a Cook book manuscript of the guidelines for DAP-seq experiments and data analysis.
2) Release of the second version of the Grape Gene Reference Catalogue and manual curation of catalogue genes using Apollo.
3) Design of the new INTEGRAPE website.



José Tomás Matus (I2SysBio)
David Navarró-Payá (I2SysBio)
Luis Orduña (I2SysBio)
Chen Zhang (I2SysBio)
Pablo Romero (I2SYSBIO)
Antonio Santiago (I2SYSBIO)
Anne-Marie Digby (Uni Verona)
Sara Zenoni (Uni Verona)
Alessandra Amato (Uni Verona)
Chiara Foresti (Uni Verona)
Chiara Fattorini (Uni Verona)
Erica D’Inca(Uni Verona)
Giovanni Battista Tornielli (Uni Verona)
Alessandro Vannozzi (Uni Padova)
Gabriele Magon (Uni Padova)
Carlotta Pirrello (Uni Padova)

Camille Rustenholz (INRAE Colmar)
Carol Huang (NYU)
Miaomiao Li (NYU)