New Gene Submission Form

    Make sure to consider the following levels of evidence/validation for gene functions

    ValidationLevel of experimental validation
    Hypothetical: only based on similarity to other proteins (e.g. BLAST, Hidden Markov Models /PFAM search).1
    Putative: complete family identification (using phylogenetic trees and including other species) and/or expression data/validation (RNA-seq, qPCR, others).2
    Proposed:correlation experiments such as gene co-expression networks, correlation to metabolite profiles.3
    Candidate: QTL mapping.4
    Validated_other_sp.: If transcription factor: overexpression or negative dominant (in transient, stable experiments) in another species.5
    Validated: knock-out/loss-of-function, silencing, overexpression or negative dominant (transient, stable) in the same species. If enzyme: in vitro/recombinant enzyme characterization (e.g. E. coli/yeast) or overexpression of enzyme (transient, stable) in another species.6