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Imagine having all of the data about grapevines accessible in a single place

The European network INTEGRAPE seeks the complete integration of information about one of the oldest crop — grapevines — and their main products: wine, table grapes and raisins. In particular, the world grape and wine industries will have access to full and up-to-date information to meet their major challenges: to improve grape berry quality and produce better wines, while limiting the use of pesticides and adapting the wine industry to the threats of climate change.

New techniques allow the study of thousands of grapevine and grape characteristics at once, which generates huge datasets that are only manageable with the support of dedicated informatics tools. These datasets are also usually generated in different non-standardised formats across research laboratories, and stored on researcher laboratory computers or as local databases, which makes them poorly accessible for further use.

What are we doing?

As for the invention of special tools to start to understand the connections of the stars in the constellations, INTEGRAPE will develop and promote tools that are dedicated to harnessing and exploiting all of the available datasets collected by grapevine scientists in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and systems biology.

Where is it going?

Last, but not least, INTEGRAPE will make these data available and usable beyond the original experiments, and they will be interoperable in a secure and standardised format, to develop these grapevine datasets to be available to the public and to private research communities.


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Important Dates

Register now to our second version of METHADA 2020: eHands on - Virtual Training School in Transcriptomic Metadata Handling and Data Analysis. (30 Nov 2020 – 4 Dec 2020). You may register either as a trainee (Applications now CLOSED) or as an Observer. Register soon!
More info at METHADA 2020 eHandsOn

An open call for the Short Term Scientific Missions  (STSM) of COST Action INTEGRAPE is now available using a 2-step evaluation procedure. With STSMs INTEGRAPE can fund your stay in another institution to undertake collaborative research.

STSMs for this grant period should be performed up until end March 2021.
More information available at STSM GRANTS

An open call is now available for the Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Grants of COST Action INTEGRAPE

If you come from an Inclusiveness Target Country, INTEGRAPE can fund your virtual attendance at the conference of your choice.

The proposed conference must take place before end March 2021.

Application till 4 weeks before scheduled conference date and submission of a scientific report and fee invoice within 30 days after end of conference.
More information available at ITC GRANTS